Are you tired of spending all of your valuable time collecting rent, calling repair services, and showing apartments to prospective tenants?
If this sounds like your average day, let Mid Peninsula Management, Inc. help! For much less than you might think, we can take care of the day-to-day hassles and worries!

We have assisted hundreds of owners, just like yourself, in leasing their properties. We are here to assist you! We are happy to explain all aspects of using our professional property management services.

For more information about our property management services or to schedule a Free Consultation, call Jerry at 650-641-2206, or fill out the
information request form. We will meet with you to explain every aspect of our services, advising what the rent range for your property is, how long it usually takes to lease, and show you samples of our monthly reporting.

It is our job to know the rental market in this area, so we can often advise owners, and let them know if we feel the rents they are charging are too high or too low, thereby not maximizing the return on their property investment! This is just one of the many services we offer our clients. Contact us today for more information!